Committed to the Cause

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Student Ministry and Music

Jordan Mears

Born and raised in the Lansing area, I'm 29 years old and have been working in student ministry in some capacity for 10+ years. I am passionate about Jesus, Michigan State athletics, music, and the correct way to pronounce Reese's candy. (It's Reese-es, not 'ree-sees'.) 

My aim is to connect with students and point them towards a deeper relationship with Christ and with others who are after that same pursuit. Also to play a lot of ridiculous games and have a great time doing everything mentioned above. 

Music is a passion of mine and I am blessed to be able to serve in a musical capacity here at Oneida. I believe my whole life should be an act worship to the Lord, not just the music service on Sunday morning, and I try to reflect that as I play and sing songs in our services on Sunday morning. 

When I am not at work you will most likely find me hanging out with my niece or nephews, in a movie theater, or at home watching Survivor or playing video games. 

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