High Fives


Where We Are Now

We are currently having drive-in/outdoor services on Sunday mornings at 10:30 AM. Weather permitting, you can bring a chair and sit outside, or listen from your car on your radio at 87.9 FM. We are also streaming our service live on YouTube.

During the week, we will be meeting in small groups, outside if possible, until the weather no longer permits.

We encourage you to remain in contact with your OGC family through phone calls, Facebook, etc. We are called to be a community of love and support for one another. If you know of anyone who has financial or other needs during this time, please contact an elder or the church office. We want to be able to serve our church family and neighbors. The Elders and their wives will make every effort to check in on each family periodically to make sure you are being well cared for.  

If you have any questions or comments, please call the church office at (517) 627-7112 or email us at oneidachurchoffice@gmail.com

Please join us in praying for opportunities in these uncharted waters. This is a great time for the Church to be a Light in the darkness.

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