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Missions Prayer Signups

Click on each of these missionaries to signup for their periodic prayer letters!


Steve and Mikki Schmidt

Reaching the Unreached in Africa 

& Making Disciples through Christian Education

Steve gives oversight to all the SIM personnel in 9 West African Countries.  

Mikki brings leadership to Pathways to School Improvement so that the growing number of Christians schools in Africa are biblically grounded and Christ Focused.

The Schmidts are currently our only supported missionaries.


Matt and Caroline Newkirk

Theological Education in Japan

The people of Japan are an unreached people group, with only 0.22% of the population attending a Protestant Church.  The church is therefore in need of outside support to raise up the next generation of pastors.  Matt serves as the President of Christ Bible Seminary in Nagoya, Japan.


Tim and Carol Avery

Theological Education and Publishing in East Africa

Tim works for Ekklesia Africa to translate and produce excellent theological resources for the African church.  He also teaches Hebrew and Biblical Interpretation at a Seminary in Nairobi, Kenya.

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