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A Whole New World: God's Vision from Isaiah

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

Wasted Potential. The Dream that could have been. The version of us we keep failing to attain....

Isaiah stared the human condition in the face longer and harder than any of us. He saw the powerful trampling the powerless. He saw a nation divided. He saw rulers fumbling about and getting fat while their people suffered. And most terrifying of all, he saw a people who had cut themselves off from God, their only hope. Few have been more disappointed than Isaiah.

But God took hold of this man and compelled him to record God's Spirit-Filled vision for humanity. With the vivid imagery of a painter, and the melodic song of a poet, and the fiery conviction of a reformer, Isaiah replaces our shrunken imaginations with God's vast vision for our lives, for our world, for his glory. And at the center of it all is God's Servant, the forever faithful Savior, Jesus our Lord.

Been disappointed? Then commit to rediscovering God's greater vision in the book of Isaiah each Sunday Morning at 10:30AM.


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