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Bible Reading Plan for 2024 - You can join any time

Updated: Jan 18

God speaks and

  1. Galaxies are formed

  2. Stones split and mountains melt

  3. A people is delivered from bondage

  4. The lost are called back home

  5. Dead people come alive

Are you listening? Come join us this year on a communal journey through the

whole Bible. Your friends at Oneida will read 2-3 chapters (15min.) a day so we

can absorb every scriptural word of God. It will include instructive videos,

sharing our insights in an app and at occasional Sunday School classes, so here's

what you do.

  1. Pray to see if this is how God wants you to spend your time this year.

  2. Download the YouVersion app for iPhone or Android and create an account.

  3. When logged in to the app, "friend" Andrew Fulton by clicking this link: Friend Andrew

  4. Wait for him to invite you to the plan which begins January 1, 2024!


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