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Christmas Advent Series - "God With Us"

"God with us." We say it and yawn. We hear it so often that we take it for granted. "Of course God is with us. Where else would he be?" And so "Jesus, God with us," becomes another played-out, Christmas slogan.

But what if it's actually quite complicated for the Infinite, All-Holy, Eternal One to condescend and live with conflicted people like us? What if the story of the universe is about His stubborn refusal to let us wander away from Him on our own? What if it took a virgin birth, and a bloody cross, and a cosmic war to purify a people who would delight in Him forever? What if Christmas is the shocking story of how Jesus is actually, forever, God with us.

  • December 4 - Failed Image and Final Image of God (Genesis 1:26-31)

  • December 11 - Sacred Spaces: Meeting God at his True Temple

  • December 18 - God Sightings: When God becomes Physical (Joshua 5:13-15)

  • December 25 - The Fetus who was God (Luke 1:26-28)


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