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Updated: Jan 17

We imagine a group of teens,

  • who can't wait to see each other for worship each Sunday.

  • who find ways to play with, support, and connect with each other outside of official church activities.

  • who have a growing ability to connect their desires, gifts, and struggles to Jesus's rule over their lives.

  • who are learning how to wonder, describe, ask hard questions, be uncomfortable, and take ownership regarding the Christian faith.

And we are praying that in his resurrected power, Jesus would create just such a group for the families we are connected to. One way he might answer this prayer is through a group we plan to launch on January 21st: "Teen Talk."  

Who: Anyone in 6th-12th grade

When: Every Other Sunday, 6:00-7:30PM (see church calendar)

Where: Fulton's Home (207 W. Jefferson St., Grand Ledge - map)

What: Enjoy treats, tomfoolery, and talk.

  • Treats - Bring a snack to enjoy after your family dinner

  • Tomfoolery - We'll laugh together with ice breakers and games.

  • TALK - Here's the big deal...

After the first couple weeks, we will ask students to commit to be present each week and to read one 10-12 page chapter so THEY (not us) CAN TALK. We're very excited for them to engage the excellent and trusted author who wrote the book 10 Questions Every Teen Should Ask (and Answer) about Christianity.  This book will stimulate the exact conversations teens need to work through their questions and consider how they might embrace Jesus for themselves.

RSVP: To claim your copy of a book ($10) and to let me know your teen(s) plan to check out the group the first couple of weeks.



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