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Want to know more about membership?

Updated: Feb 21

It can be shocking to rugged individualists like us, but before Jesus ascended to heaven he established an institution called the church to carry on his kingdom work. The body of Christ is organic, Spirit-filled, and spontaneous to be sure. But it is also organized, arranged, and administered. Jesus died, in part, to make you a member of his church, so that we together can represent him to the world. So are you? Are you a member of a local church?

If not, we'd love for you to consider officially joining the ranks of Oneida Gospel Church by coming to a Membership Class. Membership, like marriage, is a formal pledge of commitment and submission to the church's role of shepherding you toward Christ. At the class we will explain the beliefs, values, and practices that make Oneida who we are. We will field any questions you have about Oneida. And if you are a follower of Christ we will plead with you to join a local church soon....hopefully it will be Oneida!

Our next membership class is May 19 at 9:15 AM.


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